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Nonton Streaming Film Vincent and Theo



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Rating :
: 7.1/10 (2.786 votes)
Released :
Category : biography, drama, france, germany, italy, uk
Trailer : Vincent and Theo
Duration : 138 min
Director : Robert Altman
Staring : Tim Roth, Paul Rhys, Adrian Brine, Jean-Fran├žois Perrier
Tag : , , , ,
Synopsys : Vincent and Theo - It\'s the late nineteenth century. Adult Dutch brothers Vincent Van Gogh and Theo Van Gogh, living in Paris, lead differing lives despite having art as a connection. Vincent, who sticks to his principles which includes believing in God but not religion, wants to be a full time painter, living in squalor for his art. Theo, who works in an art gallery, lives for the moment, he selling art which he doesn\'t much like to lead a comfortable life. One other area of commonality between the brothers is easily succumbing to pleasures of the flesh. Theo does not sell Vincent\'s art, as he knows it is not in demand. Vincent\'s view of his brother does not change when he learns it is Theo, and not their father which he had previously thought, who is supporting him. Each brother is a tortured soul - in Vincent\'s case, it considered in some circles as madness - which affects how each deals with his respective life. Beyond the several sexual relationships each has, some key moments and more extended periods in each their lives over the few years prior to their respective deaths is presented, including: Theo\'s battle with a bout a syphilis, which affects how and if he can carry on with his sexual relationships; Theo\'s superiors allowing him to run his own gallery largely on commission, which further pushes him into the realm of selling art he doesn\'t like to survive; Vincent\'s period in Provence, where he largely spends with fellow painter Paul Gaugin, one of the few other of his contemporaries he truly admires; and Vincent\'s infamous self-mutilation of his left ear, leading to Theo\'s measures to help him over his emotional pain by having him under the care of Dr. Paul Gachet, while dealing with his own turbulent marriage to the former Jo Bonger. That turbulence is largely due to Vincent often being a third in their relationship. This presentation is preceding by showing the acclaim that Vincent is regarded with in current times.