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Nonton Streaming Film The Soul of Bread



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Rating :
: 6.2/10 (243 votes)
Released :
Category : comedy, romance, Taiwan
Trailer : The Soul of Bread
Duration : 114 min
Director : Pin-Chuan Kao
Staring : Han Dian Chen, Michelle Chen, Ying-Chieh Chen, Yan-xi Hou
Tag : , ,
Synopsys : The Soul of Bread - Gao-bing works in a bakery in a small town. The owner, Mr Chiu, is so into his Rock \'n \'Roll band, and the apprentice Di doesn\'t seem enthusiastic about learning baking at all. The business of the bakery is getting down and Gao-bing doesn\'t know what to do with the situation. All he can do is work harder and makes more bread. Ping, the daughter of Mr Chiu, grew up together with Gao-bing and is Gao-bing\'s girlfriend. She often complains that Gao-bing only follows the traditions and doesn\'t take any dramatic actions to save the bakery. In order to develop revolutionary new flavors, Ping takes baking courses in the city where she meets Bread. Bread, born in America, is charming and humorous. He falls for Ping at the very first sight. Even though Ping is with Gao-bing, she finds Bread\'s bread has a special magic. She thinks Bread might be the one that saves the bakery... With Ping\'s arrangement, Bread moves in to Mr Chiu\'s houses and becomes Gao-bing\'s roommate. Bread never hides his feelings toward Ping and always says, \"We must put our passing into the bread\". Gao-bing disagrees with Bread\'s western style and thinks of him merely a dumbass from America.