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Nonton Streaming Film Knock Knock Whos There (2015)



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Rating :
: 7/10 (300 votes)
Released :
Category : hongkong, horror
Trailer : Knock Knock Whos There (2015)
Duration :
Director : Carrie Ng
Staring : Annie Liu, Jennifer Tse, Kate Tsui, Eric Kwok, Babyjohn Choi, Simon Lui, Carlos Chan, Wong Venus, Carrie Ng
Tag :
Synopsys : Half a year after co-directing Angel Whispers, veteran actress Carrie Ng makes her solo directorial debut with the horror film Knock Knock! Who\'s There? Composed of three vignettes, the film has a distinct Hong Kong flavor that recalls the city\'s 1990s cult horror movies. In \"Headless,\" Annie Liu plays Isabella, a woman who has everything going for her. In a bid to flee from the paparazzi, she and her socialite fiance get into a car accident that decapitates her. Now a spirit, Isabella is surprised to find that her undertaker is none other than her first love, Roy (Babyjohn Choi). \"Cat-Planting\" follows Sau Yong (Kate Tsui), a young woman who was born with the ability to see the dead. She lives with her aunt Ngo (Carrie Ng) and uncle Fat Tong (Simon Lui), two gambling addicts. After a string of bad luck at the gambling table, Ngo decides to engage in a bout of \"cat-planting,\" and unfortunately for Sau Yong, she accidentally witnesses the bloody, cruel \"ritual.\" After this, Sau Yong\'s behavior takes a turn for the strange. \"Corpse Aroma\" tells the story of Yan (Jennifer Tse), a mortuary makeup artist who loves to meet new female friends. One day, she picks up a phone from the street and starts to engage in a text conversation with a mysterious girl. After a period of getting to know one another, the girl asks Yan to help her find something she\'s lost.